Summit offers a variety of Property Services to meet your needs..

Having a Home Inspection done is a priority when investing in a new home.  You want to make sure you're not getting blindsided by issues right away.  I love answering any questions you may have during the inspection and providing you with an easily understandable and detailed report afterwards.  


Thousands of house fires every year are caused by clogged and dirty dryer vents.  Additionally, having all of that debris in your vents decreases the efficiency of your dryer, resulting in longer drying times and higher energy bills.  I offer professional cleaning services to increase the safety and efficiency of your dryer.  


Septic systems are not something you want surprises from.  Ensuring proper operation is a must.  I'll do the dirty work so you don't have to by locating your septic system, inspecting the components inside, making sure it's operating as it should, and providing you a detailed report that's easy to understand.  


Painting, Tile work, and other basic Handyman services are available.  I have also installed multi-camera security systems in several different retail locations.  Have a seasonal property you need maintained throughout the year?  I can do that as well.  

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